Monday, January 12, 2009

Shooting Irons


Location: Welttechnologien #1 Gun Shop

Let's get a few matters straight. Despite being a politically progressive college prof, in both lives, I enjoy target shooting. I'm a decent shot.

I'm pleased to find that someone in SL shares my passion for the Colt M1911 pistol, a weapon I enjoy firing more than any other. My dad packed one through WW II as a US Navy Shore Patrolman, and it remains one of finest and most rugged handguns ever designed, the basis for many modern handguns and still a preferred weapon of many special-operations units.

In Second Life, gun stores are common, but the type of craftsmanship that Alco Gerstort brings to designing virtual weapons is admirable. His pistols are really works of art. I don't roleplay combat in SL, though I did buy one of his pistols some time ago for my first visit to Jessie, a legendary badlands area of SL where combat happens. I figured forearmed is forwarned in places where you can get shot, and it's fun to play in the spirit of things.

Since that adventure, Linden Lab has upgraded some of the core software that runs SL, and this rendered many objects obsolete. I was worried my pistol would be one such casualty.

I didn't expect instant customer service after I pulled out the 1911, shot some of Pappy's Moonshine jugs....and nothing happened. They used to fly far and wide after a hit.

Alco was online, and for an upgrade fee of just over $1.50 US I became a happy target-shooter again. I can go through that much cash in a few minutes shooting a real-life M1911.

And best of all, I don't have to clean the pistol when I get home.


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