Wednesday, January 14, 2009

OpenLife: Tao Jones is going in!


Location: OpenLife Grid Web Site

by Guest Writer Tao Jones

Mojobox Kane is a cloud. He's in awful trouble in this halfway-working alternative to Second Life, a true wild frontier.

You don't send snarky academics or drunken Hillbilly philosophers in for a rescue party. You send the only Buddhist gun-slinger in any virtual world in for the heroics.

I'm going in. I'll save MojoBox's sorry butt from a cloudy fate. Still, my contemplative side says that he has returned to the uncarved block, gotten in touch with his emptiness. He knows that the virtual world, like the real one, is nothing but samsara.

Still, I'm going in.

When Charlton Heston got stranded on The Planet of the Apes, they sent James Franciscus after him. Only problem is, when he found Heston, Heston blew the world up, so he'd not have to be in any more Planet of the Apes movies.

It's a risk I must take...but wait. "Logins disabled for server update."

They still have Black Wednesdays in OpenLife.

Okay. Tomorrow, I'm going in. Hang in there, Mojo! It's all an illusion...

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